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I searched for a trustworthy TOR cc VENDOR and finally decided to buy from here because their prices matched with my budget. Their card collection seems huge . I hope I can buy many cards from them in the future.


Outstanding value and service. Many purchases for many weeks from Black&White Cards and always highly satisfied.


The Cards i received looks better than the picture. I really love it. This is a perfect service for me. The quality is great and reasonable price too. Thank you Black&White Cards...


Buying Cards from this site was a great experience. I was hesitant to buy something on TOR but this store just get rid of all my doubt. I got my cards and they were awesome . I would not hesitate to buy on TOR again especially to buy from Black&White Cards.Thank you.


After being scammed , i tried 1 more time and came here. First i contacted them via email and they gave me a quick response. They sent me pictures of the cards so i slept a night about it and made an order. I'm happy i did it ! Asked for fast shipping and got the cards in 3 days :D:D:D


I was afraid . I tried this website and support was awesome within minutes I had a confirmation about my order and tracking number some hours later,unlike the previous sites i tried.


I have been a Black&White customer for the past weeks; I chose them because of their professional approach and their availability of help,I have not been disappointed.In fact they have exceeded my expectations on both fronts,they continually amaze me with discounts.Customer support is second to none, I am not an expert at this and I have had many questions,i recieved in-depth answers in a timely manner.Black and white is perfect for novice to experienced; I recommend them!


I had heard a lot about the darknet where almost everything is possible.Sites where you can buy guns , drugs and so much more..Did i belive it?Of course not so i went looking for myself and came across a few of them. Then i found Black&White Cards and my eyes were opened.I loved what i saw and made a purchase.I have only been doing this for a short time and already got myself an apartment.So so grateful.


I ordered 5 cards after previously ordering 2. All the cards arrived within the time frame they said. All items arrived together in one parcel which was very well packaged. I pray you guys are going to be in business for a long long time.


I was very worried after payment no response anymore. I emailed again next day and got answer back. Card Recieved...... FINALLY REAL!!

Black&White Team: We apologize for the inconvenience.We run into a little trouble we had to take care of.We apologize once again.

Black and White Cards is my favorite card vendor on here.Their website is very easy to navigate.Their prices are very competitive and the delivery was very FAST. My order arrived safely,and cards was exactly as described.


Thanks,Finally i find people who actually know what they are doing..I will be ordering again from here real soon.