Express Shipping

Express Shipping at the lowest possible cost for quick delivery worldwide.Same day shipping is available to customers in US only.It takes 1-3 business days for cards to arrive, depending on your location. Express Shipping cost is included in Card prices.

Tracking Number

No need to wait impatiently for your cards.We will provide you with a tracking number for every order.Besides you can also see visualized shipment locations on maps, with a third-party all-in-one package tracking service.

Courier Services

We ship via several courier services including but not limited to DHL,FedEX,UPS,USPS and EMS.We ship to P.O.Boxes as well!

Bitcoin Payments

To reach out to the darknet commuinity, we accept Bitcoins as mode of payment.Also,the clearnet commuinity is not left out.Western Union Transfers are also accepted.

100% Safisfaction Guarantee

We at Black&White Cards will do everything humanly possible to make your experience with us life-changing.Feel free to let us know if you have got any problems with us. We will gladly be of help.


Apart from discounts already on offer we are happy to offer discounts on bulk purchases. For larger skimming syndicates who need constant supply of cards or who wish to stock and sell cards, we offer bulk purchasing discounts as well but subject to terms and conditions.

Worldwide Shipping

No matter your location on planet Earth,above the skies and below the seas, we can ship to you there.On a more serious note, we ship to all of EUROPE,AMERICAS,ASIA,AFRICA,and AUSTRALIA.


Is this your first time??Afraid of package being intercepted by customs??Or you are just scared??No worries!It is perfectly legal to recieve bank cards.Nothing to be afraid of.These cards are just like the ones you use.So stay calm since there is nothing to fear

Withdrawal Guide

Have no idea what to do after you recieve your cards?Or need any tips on how to cashout safely without any hassle??We offer a comprehensive cashout guide to you upon request.Please do not share the cashout guide.It is solely for you and you alone!